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Terms and Conditions

  1. Confirmation: please sign the quote and return it by fax or email to secure your order with proof of payment for the 50% or 100%.

  2. Payment terms: 50% on confirmation and the balance prior to delivery.(ref:quote name/number or debtor name/number).

  3. Quotes are subject to stock and transportation availability on confirmation date.

  4. Quotes and prices are valid for 7 days.

  5. Quotes do not include set up of furniture only delivery and pick-up. If you require furniture setup it will be an extra charge.

  6. If the order is confirmed and then cancelled a cancelation fee of 50% will be charged if cancelled within 7 days prior to set up, thereafter 100% of contract total.

  7. The Client is responsible for all goods over the hire period, if security is required it is charged to the client's account.

  8. Risk of damage and theft of goods is the reponsibility of the client and shortages must be returned within one week.

  9. All equipment must be returned clean or there will be a cleaning fee charged to the client.

  10. Linen will be laundered by Berman Hire and the client must ensure that the linen is dry to prevent mildew.

  11. Client to ensure that tables are kept indoors or undercover. The client will be charged accordingly for any water damaged table tops.

  12. Quotes are subject to site inspection and if necessary a fee will be applicable on long distance travel.

  13. If the tent is on tar, concrete, paving or any area where the tent cannot be pegged down, the client needs ensure that a water supply or tanker is within 15m to fill water drums for the tent ropes to be anchored to.

  14. The client will be charge overtime if the set-up and or breakdown of the site is not with working hours (8am to 5pm).

  15. If lights are supplied by Berman Hire, the client must supply a power point and cabling to the site.

  16. If a structural report is required, it will be charged to client's account.

  17. Fire rationale, town planning and any other council related costs and documentation must be arranged by client and cpoies of said documents must be supplied to Berman Hire.

  18. Accommodation and staff allowances is for the client's account.

  19. Flooring: The surface must be level or be leveled as the flooring follows the gradient of the land or area.

  20. Flooring is slippery when wet and Berman Hire recommends the use of carpeting.

  21. Carpeting is susceptible to damages (cigarett burns, chewing gum, water damage, etc.) and damages to carpeting will be charged to the client.

  22. A cleaning charge is payable for any media material attached to sidewalls with double sided tape or any other adhesives.

  23. The client will be charged for any damages and cleaning fees for any equipment damaged or marked with paint, streamers, coloured paper or any material.

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