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Marquee hire question.

Question 1

How much space should I allow per person?

It depends entirely on what functions the tent or interior is to fulfil: dining, buffet, bar, reception, chill-out, dancing or a combination of these. We'll be happy to guide you.

Question 2

What sort of access do you need?

All the equipment can be carried through a typical garden gate (30 inches width).

Question 3

How do I organise a booking?

Contact us by phone or email and let us know what you have in mind, your proposed date and we will get back to you.

Question 4

What surfaces can marquees be placed on?

We can place our marquee's on just about any surface from lawn, paving, scafholding, tar etc. Where a peg can't be placed into the ground, we use a 44 gallon drum, (this is subject to the size of your marquee and tent) at every 5m interval.

Question 5

Must the surface on which the marquee is to be set up on, be level?

Yes, level as possible. We will gladly do a free onsite inspection (within 30km radius from Centurion) of the area that a marquee is to be erected.

Question 6

Can a marquee be set up in a public road?

Yes we can erect a marquee in a public road, with all the necessary arrangements and permissions that the client has to obtain from the relevant authorities in this regard

Question 7

What is a structural engineers report?

A structural engineers report is a certificate an engineer issues to confirm that the structure is set up according to the prescribe procedure and that the structure is structurally safe.

Question 8

Does the structural report include any fire rationale, town planning and any other council related documentation?

No. However, this can be arranged by us at request of the client; however, it is at an additional cost. We would require sufficient time to arrange for this and complete information regarding the function at our disposal.

General questions.

Question 1

Must the equipment be returned clean?

Crockery, cutlery, glasses, etc. must be returned clean. Linen is laundered by Berman Hire and need not be returned clean, however, linen to be kept dry, as we cannot remove mildew stains.

Question 2

Is there a deposit payable?

A 50% of contract total for confirmation / holding deposit.<br>
There is also a minimum of R500.00 add bond / refundable breakage deposit payable, which could be increased according to total value of the hired equipment.

Question 3

Can equipment be collected from Berman Hire premises?

Equipment can be collected on condition that a suitable vehicle is used, you as client will then carry the risk of goods in transit. We deliver & collect at a reasonable rate, where we take the risk of goods in transit upon ourselves.

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